Haven't Received Your Surplus Check Yet?

If you're still awaiting your direct deposit, forget about it. You may have another 30 days at best before it arrives.

By now, you may have received a letter giving you an estimation of when to expect your stimulus (rebate) payment. What the government probably failed to mention to taxpayers was a little piece of info. you probably would have found helpful.

If you opted to have your tax preparation fees deducted from your federal tax return your rebate will come via snail mail not via direct deposit.

I bet some of you wish you could take that moment back right?

Check out the payment schedule to estimate when your surplus check arrives:

If this applies to you, be prepared to receive your funds sometime this summer.

Hopefully this information will clear up some confusion for those who have not received their payment yet.


  1. Thank you for this information. I was worried but I see now the check probably will come tomorrow or Tues.

  2. Girl my "little" piece of money has come and gone. I always check no when they ask about deducting crap from my money!

  3. Regina, I think a lot of people's check have or will come & go. I'm thinking of getting a $300 gas card. I passed the gas station this morning & regular gas was $3.97!

  4. We received our stimulus check a couple of weeks after receiving our direct deposit refund.

    I was unaware you could pay an accountant out of your refund.

    Sometimes it is best to keep things separate.

  5. I agree. I always pay at the time of the transaction.


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