From London 2 NY Via Tunnel

What would you do if you came across a 37 x 11 foot drill sticking out of the sidewalk?

A construction job gone bad? Terrorist attack? What?

Check out this creative partnership between New York and London as they erect a brass-and-wood telescope on Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn that 'connects' to a twin scope on the bank of the Thames River near the Tower Bridge in London.

Viewers on both ends of the world will have the chance to see each other real-time.

The exhibit is called the Telectroscope, and is the work of a London-based artist named Paul St. George.

The telescopes are linked into existing fiber-optic networks, but a clever story, a history per se, has been concocted for authenticity.

Intrigued? Good. Check out the pictures below.

(Photos courtesy of Photographer: Matthew Andrews)


  1. That's some cool technology going on there. I like the idea of people being able to cross the "pond" and see one another.

  2. I thought it was pretty cool too & creatively displayed. I think if I were in either place I would have freaked & made several 911 calls after seeing a huge drill coming out of the ground. LOL


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