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Joe Lewis Thomas

Do y’all remember Joe from back in 1993 when the brother had hair and everything? I mean waaay back when he was singing, "(I’m in love) Round and Round (I go)?" LOL well if you missed Joe with hair, you should have asked somebody 'cause it was a trip!

Anyway, in 1997, on Joe's second CD, he started hitting us up with those sexy ballads like "All the Things Your Man Won’t Do" and "Love Scene". He was sporting a low fade with a few curls on top by then, singing outside in the rain waiting for woman dip to get off work...whew! I bet you were saying, "He could get it weren't you? Just nasty LOL.

With the new millennium Joe started sporting a baldy when he put out "My Name Is Joe". This album had smooth R&B melodies like the seductive "Somebody Gotta Be On Top" and "Treat Her Like A Lady". He says that all he wanted to do is bring out more romance in R&B and he succeeded.

"Better Days" were to come in 2001 and blew up the R&B charts with "Let's Stay Home Tonight" and "What If A Woman," followed by "And Then" in 2003.

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Joe's style and finesse set him apart from the rest. He both writes and sings his beautiful romantic ballads. He also his mastered some producing techniques as he tuns in to the wants, needs and desires of women through his music. Joe says he is definitely not ashamed of expressing his feelings through the sincerity of his lyrics. He has done some production work for Tina Turner, Barry White and Ideal just to name a few.

"Ain't Nothin' Like Me" is Joe's current body of work. If you're unfamiliar with his sound, check out his remake of Carrie Underwood's song, "Before He Cheats" (with a twist).

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