Entrecard Explosion

OMG! I joined this little bitty group on Entrecard thinking, "Yeah it may help me get more viewers." And in about a half hour (I kid you not) my Entrecard inbox exploded!

It's actually the easiest way that I've found to drop cards - seriously. Don't believe me? Give it a whirl:

Thanks to all of the folks who dropped on me today. I'm sorry I couldn't show all of your cards... I ran out of room in my photo viewer.


  1. I see me! I see me! I have really enjoyed the extra traffic from Entrecard, too.

  2. Hey Daisy! Yes, you definitely made the list. LOL There are lots of new sites on my "must see" list now because of Entrecard. And to think when I first signed up I thought it would be useless. :-o Shhhh....


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