Embarassing Moment

A friend of mine sent me this VERY funny, VERY suggestive email. I got a big kick out of it until I noticed who she sent it to.

I have a habit of checking the "to" and "cc" lines in my emails because you never know where an email came from or where it was going. This friend and I used to work together and I recognized several names on the list... so when I saw a Sr. VP's name I thought, "Since when did they get THAT cool?"

So I emailed her and asked if she realized she'd forwarded the email to the Sr. VP she almost died.

Aaaaahahaha! I'm sorry but her reaction was so classic I had to leave my desk I was laughing so hard. So the moral of the story is... DO NOT use your work email when sending personal emails, jokes, etc. Check out the video she sent to senior management:

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