Boston Celtics vs. L.A. Lakers

Paul Pierce & Doc Rivers
Here we go y'all. The Celtics and the Lakers are in the NBA playoffs for the 11th time! Who is your favorite?

I gotta go with the Celtics.

They closed out the Eastern Conference against Detroit 89 - 81 and are headed to the playoffs with the Lakers. Fans of both teams are excited. It's like Magic and Bird all over again...just with uh... more black folks.

Kobe had a great season but still isn't happy. He is trying hard to make a break from the Lakers and I'd like to see what happens with this. He is also tired of being compared to Michael Jordan, and I'm hoping the media lets that go because he's no. Personally, I'm really not a fan of either, but something about Kobe just irks me. Maybe it was the adultery and the alleged rape case. Hmmm....

Anyway, back to the home team... the Celtics are excited that this is their first track back to the NBA Finals since 1987. 21 years is a loooong time to want something and not get it. But this year they've got it.

Paul Pierce scored 27 points, Ray Allen had 17 and Kevin Garnett added 16 to the total that lifted the Celtics to the final victory. I hope they take it home.

Celtics vs Lakers again

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