Witness 2 Jam Master Jay's Murder Gets 17 Years

Ronald "Tinard" Washington, a guy who was once considered an eye witness in the Jam Master Jay murder case, was fingered by two other witnesses as being involved. Last Wednesday he was sentenced in federal court to 17 years in prison and three years' supervised release.

He was also convicted last year on a series of unrelated robbery charges dating back to 2002.

Prosecutors are trying to get all the time they can as they are also implicating this dude as being involved in the murder of 2Pac's former bodyguard Randy "Stretch" Walker.

Unfortunately, the judge declined to consider the murders in her sentencing decision.
"If it was such an overwhelming case, someone would have prosecuted him, instead of hanging a murder on a string of robberies with a BB gun."


Washington's lawyers argue:
"If the government had a case, they'd bring it. The reality is, they have no idea who [killed Jam Master Jay]."

Damned shame. People are getting away with murder left & right.


  1. This hits close to home, because I had a relative that was senselessly murdered and the guy got 20 years, doesn't seem to matter much, my loved one is no longer here, everytime I type or say those words I feel like I am dreaming, in the case of JMJ, the guy should have gotten more time!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had several friends who were senselessly killed years ago over stupid things like bumping into someone, stepping on their shoe, being in the "wrong" neighborhood, etc. It's never fair and it never makes sense.


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