Why I Limit My Time on MySpace

OK, this is why I blog more than I chat on MySpace...

I'm on MySpace checking my messages and minding my business, when I notice that two of my favorite blogger buddies have hit me up (hey y'all! *smooches*).

There I am sitting there looking at two swole up drops of finger-lickin'-milk chocolate-and-I-do-mean-good-lookin' brothas right...and I can't help but thank the Lord that I'm not some Net Nymph who thinks every guy that says hi is trying to bag me.

Anyway, I'm having two very innocent conversations with these two grown azz men, but I can't help but look at their avatars. I'm talking just half-nekkid, chiseled up, fine specimen of black men. Oh boy. LOL

Then I get a 'ping' when an old friend IM's me and decides he wants to confess his love for me in a whole other message.


See... this is why I tend to stay on ghost (usually have my light off so people won't know when I'm online).

I'm like, "Oops, let me get my azz up off here..." LOL

That's when I kindly bid everyone adieu and skip my happy behind back to Blogger Land where I can stay outta trouble.

So... how you doin?

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