Toni Braxton Hospitalized: Heart Attack Scare?

40-year-old Toni Braxton was rushed to the hospital for what some were speculating were heart attack symptoms.

Yesterday Toni, currently a Vegas headliner doing five shows a week, was admitted to the St. Dominican Hospital yesterday after experiencing chest pains. She went to the hospital after a show at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Today, she is described as "in good condition." Neither her manager nor her reps are confirming the heart attack rumors.

Her performance for today was cancelled and ticket holders were advised to contact the Flamingo about the Wednesday night show.

Ironically, Toni is the spokeswoman for the American Heart Association.

That's awful and I hope the heart attack rumors are false.


  1. I hope she's alright myself...come to think of it, you just gave me a future Diamond Queen to post on my blog.

    You know somethin' else Shae-Shae...your blog should get the award for "Most Posts In a Given Day"...because you playZ no gameZ when it comeZ to postin', lol.

  2. I hope she is ok, as well. Hasn't this happened to her before.

    BTW: The OSF theme for this week is wedding songs: songs you got married to or songs you would like played at your wedding. Pass it along. I'm in a sentimental mood.

  3. Wow, I had not heard this. I hope all is well with her.

  4. sd44: LMAO I type fast.. just keep readin' & get up off me. LOL

    MrsGrapevie: We have themes? I must not be paying attention. I had my video picked out & er'thang for Friday, but I will adjust. Thanks. :-)

    Oh, and I thought this had happened to her before too regarding a breast implant bursting, but I think I remember an interview where she said she took them out or reduced them due to pregnancy... I don't know...

  5. waah! You know Toni Braxton was interviewed September 2007 in Sister to Sister magazine and she revealed that she has Mitral Valve Prolapse. I only remember this specifically because I have the same condition. It is where one of the valves in your heart flows back and forth making a clicking sound and the blood in your heart does not flow in the correct order. I've known about my condition for 20 years and I forgot when Toni knew about hers. It is very minor but I wonder whether she had a panic attack which I sometimes have.

    Interview she had this in Sister to Sister magazine:

  6. Thanks for the link Jen, I'll go check it out. I hope she's OK and will take whatever precautions she needs to. You know sometimes these celebs have to be told to take a break to take care of themselves.


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