Thursday Thirteen: Spring Cleaning

1. Clean out my closets... Sometimes it's like shopping in there. I don't see some things for a while and it's like, "Oooh look at that!"

2. Organize the closets... I need a cohesive system for my closets. I need a to call California Closets.

3. Have a yard sale... I haven't had one in a long time. I need to get cracking.

4. Give to charity... it's that time again. Twice a year I gather a ton of "stuff" that is never going to get worn, things the kids have grown out of, things I will never use, and take it over to charity... Then I go shopping. ;o)

5. Move around my living room. I'm like a fanatic about changing around furniture. I don't know why but I've been doing it for years. I never could understand when I'd go to someone's house and their arrangements would be like 20 years old.

6. Get new bathroom accessories...Yup, I switch up my bathroom once a year too. I guess I just like change. But it's fun when you switch to the summer colors, it's like being on vacation.

7. Tune the refrigerator... Did you know tuning up your fridge saves on energy? I like to vacuum the condenser coils, replace worn door gaskets, check that the thermometer operating at 40° F in the refrigerator section, 0° F in the freezer, and of course... clean it out and toss anything that could be used as a science project.

8. Change the A/C filter... This will need to get done as the summer months are coming. It's already warming up in GA and I want to make sure my A/C unit has clean filters.

9. Get a new dining room table... I have been meaning to get a new set but have been putting it off. I'll be donating my old one to charity and I guess I should start looking for my new one soon hunh?

10. Clean the patio... Oh this should be fun. I hate to clean the patio because I am a bug-o-phobe (what?? isn't that a real word? LOL) Let's just say I'll be wearing plenty of layers when I do this.

11. Flower power... It's about that time to start shopping for flowers/plants for the yard & patio. I am allergic to many so I'll have to be very selective.

12. Paint... I think I'm going to paint my bedroom. It needs a change. Jeesh, as this list goes on I'm realizing I have a LOT to do!

13. Eliminate clutter... I like the clean clutter-free look. But, I also like knick knacks. Go figure right? So I always have to work around the two and come up with a middle ground for the two.

Well, that's my list. Guess I'll get cracking on it sometime this weekend. Wish me luck!


  1. I didn't know that about the fridge...I will have to look into that...

    We change our Air filters Every 4 months. Ours is due for a change this month.

    It's funny because I switch up my living room furniture a LOT! I can't stand it being in ONE place all the time. My mother is the SAME way.

    Happy TT!

  2. I should be doing all of the above. But I'm so busy.

    Have a tag for you girl. Grab it when you're done with spring cleaning.

  3. My momma is the same way about changing up the bathroom...I use to get on her case about it. At least you only do it once a year she does it several times, her excuse is its the cheapest room to redo. LOL!


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