'Straits' AID Atlanta Benefit Dinner

Ludacris proudly opened the doors to his new restaurant 'Straits' last week and welcomed guests at his 793 Juniper Street location, in conjunction with an AID Atlanta benefit dinner.

'Straits' is located in what was once a crack house, but after neighborhood renovations, the real estate became a hot spot. Luda purchased the building last year at a whopping $2.7 million price and decided to open an Asian restaurant in the area.

“Atlanta is such a great melting pot, but this kind of food was lacking here. But I don’t want people to get things twisted. I originally bought this as a real estate investment. But after meeting Chris, bringing Straits to Atlanta became something I wanted to do. And believe me, whenever I’m in town, I’ll be here eating!

In attendance were Jennifer Holliday, Fergie, rapper Rich Boy, Emmanuel Lewis, and former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Anderson.


  1. Ludacris is not playing (period) he's an very intelligent rapper, got to love him.

  2. Yes, I give it up to Luda because he seems to be keeping his nose clean and trying to make that money.


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