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And Baby Makes 4??

There have been whispers that Usher and Tameka could be expecting another child already.

Allegedly a source close to the couple claim that the two have been trying to convceive again and may have suceeded.
"Usher wants at least two more children with Tameka, so they're not wasting
any time."
Funny how I heard that backwards in my head. ;-)

Of course at this time there have been no confirmed reports of this, but hey, that's what it's called a rumor.

Meanwhile, don't Daddy Ursher & litte Ursher # 5 look cute?

Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape

Marilyn Monroe allegedly made a sex tape with President Kennedy. WTH? Dang, celebs were making sex tapes way back then hunh? I guess they gotta stay on their grind somehow.

I know that for years people have said they had an affair and that it was hush hush and perhaps she was snuffed out by the Feds in order to keep their relationship quiet, but who knew there would be sex tape? (Must be some old azz dusty footage!)

Anyway, this alledged tape was recently sold for $1.5 million to a buyer who says the tape will never get leaked out of respect for Marilyn Monroe.

Shouldn't that be out of respect for the former President, the country, the integrity of ... oh forget it.. you already know how how it works. It'll probably be sold on the Net for $19.99 next month. ;-)

Shaq & Shaunie Back Together

Shaquille O'Neill & his estranged wife Shanunie are rumored to be back together because they shared a table at the recent festivities for Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night celebration.

I guess because the couple posed for a photo it's assumed they are back together, but heck I've posed in pics and sat at tables with people I can't stand at all... my coworkers. Shhh... don't tell'em.

But there could be a little truth in it since they were also spotted in Arizona at the Wildlife World Zoo last weekend. Hell, they have 50-11 kids together, it's only natural to see each other to handle some of the responsibilities.

Shaq filed for divorce from his wife in 2007, claiming she was "secretive about her assets," but the Post says sources in Phoenix claim the duo has reconciled and may get back together.

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  1. ~*Toni*~2:50 PM

    The baby is so cute. having them so close is good for when they go to school.


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