R. Kelly Trial: Prosecutors Ask To Use 'Love Letters' From The Late Aaliyah

R. Kelly & AaliyahOMG, there just may be some serious pimp slappin' in the R. Kelly child pornography case real soon.

Last week, the judge closed out all media and issued gag orders while lawyers and prosecuters made a secret motion. Well the rumor mill is smoking hot as the hot topic of the day is: Prosecutors have allegedly asked the judge to allow evidence of R. Kelly's improper relationship with the late R&B singer Aaliyah into the trial.

Aww hell naw!

If this is true, then R. may as well pack it up and start writing jail tunes because that would date his child-girl preferences all the way back to the early 90's.

In order to fill in the people who are not up on R&B gossip: R Kelly and Aaliyah were secretly married when she was just 15 and R. Kelly was 27-years-old!

To make matters worse, prosecutors want to introduce dated love letters from a 14-year-old Aaliyah to Kelly, and testimony from hip hop mogul Dame Dash (who was also in a relationship with Aaliyah) in addition to Aaliyah's family's testimony.

Are you all hearing that 'clang-clang' noise now?

Anyway, of course R. Kelly's legal team aruged that allowing such evidence would be inflammatory and would, "turn the trial into a media circus."

I for one, am keeping my ear to the street to find when the judge will rule yay or nay on this one.


  1. I want to know what happened to her baby! Do you remember that? When she was pregnant (very pregnant) & won a grammy or something? We never heard anything about the child.

    After she died I expected it to all be brought up again, but nope.

    Still a mystery...

  2. I heard there was a rumor that she was pregnant by Dame Dash, but it was never confirmed (that I know of). :-\

  3. yeah... everyone loves aaliyah... he would definitely go down if those letters were let it... but I do agree with the defense that it would be a media circus everyone would want those letters in their papers and all over the net... to bring a piece of her back. I think they need to let her rest of peace. The prosecuters should have enough evidence to convict him without having to use those letters. I mean did they not see the tape... hellloooo!

  4. Wow, What's up Shae!
    I must agree with Eb, They need to let Aaliyah rest in peace and not drag her into this garbage. That tape with the "golden showers" should be enough to send his pedofiling behind up for a good long time (long enough for all his new friends in the "yard" to take a whack at that a$$!

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