A Question Of Ethics: Update

OK folks, I have a question for y'all, I'm trying to talk to my people's about ethics and why I do what I do how I do it, and why they do what they do... hell, you know what I mean...

Scenario #1:

If you owed someone some money and you only have half of it, but they were expecting a payment. Would you give them what you have and let them know you'll come through with the other half when you got it, or would you wait until you had the entire amount?

Scenario #2:

So, let's say you've decided to take them the half you have. You call to tell them you're coming by to drop off the money, but they weren't home. So you wait a few hours and you stop by and they weren't home still. Would you 1- leave the money with the relative that lives there with them, or 2- would you come back when they were home?

Holla @ your girl... I'll sound off when I get some responses.


OK, so I asked this because I was having a discussion with my neighbor. She owes someone a bill for a service (daycare I think) and they gave her an extension. Well she got into it with her child's father over either paying the bill or waiting until they had all the money.

She wanted to pay the person what she had so they wouldn't think she was just trying to get over on them and he wanted to wait until they had the entire amount.

She asked my advice.

I said if you owe me money, gimme my money... no matter what you have... $10 bucks a day $50 a week, whatever, give it to me and I'll subtract it off the total.

Especially if I'm doing a service and a favor. WTH? So you want me to work for free? I think not. Times are hard, gas prices are high and I might just snap on that azz if you skip too many days/weeks or whatever without my money.

Plus.. who isn't going to be frustrated if you live with a grown azz man and together you two can't come up with a little bit of what you owe?

So what happened? She payed what she had and he was mad at her.

Dumb azz...


  1. I would just ask the person if they wanted the half I had or if they wanted to wait until I had full payment. And when I brought the money, if they weren't home it depends on who the relative is, my relationship with the person and if the person would mind or not.

  2. Dats easy. Id let them know the situation, because they might want want/need that half of the money now or they would want/need all of it later, na mean? Also id give it to them in person and not to relatives, cuz you cant always trust kinfolk.

  3. LOL @ platinum... are you talking about your kinfolks? ;o)

  4. I am one to let the person I owe money to what is going on; making sure they know when the rest of the money is headed their way.

    I always do what I can to pay the person directly. Why give someone the opportunity to fail.

  5. that would be "know" what is going on...

  6. Damn, he got mad at her for that?! If these people are doing you a favor and working for you, the least you could do is give 'em a little somethin'. Like you said, installments are cool, just to let the person know that you're working towards paying them.

  7. That's what I thought. She is torn because she KNOWS she did the right thing but feels bad about pissing off her boyfriend. I was like WTH? If it were up to him he'd have her shopping with the bill money and in debt with no one to help them.

  8. Not having it all was an excuse not to pay anything towards your balance due?! Trouble!


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