Please Consider Job Placement When Naming Your Babies

This is an example of a beautiful baby with a suspect mama. Why does this child have a grown woman's hair do? And who named her Shaquaundra Alize Mercedes Smith?? :-\

I received this via email so I'm hoping someone just made up the name.


  1. Damn...her hairdo looks better than some women I know walkin' around. Why did she do that though? I thought you weren't even supposed to put anything like that in a baby's head?

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Awww.. this baby cant help what is done to her. Leave that baby alone.

    I agree with those ghetto names being too much

    But lets not attack the baby, lets educate Momma because she obviously doesnt get it

  3. Who is attacking the baby? I said she's beautiful. It's the parents I'm worried about. :-)


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