Paula Abdul ... She Needs To Move On

After seeing Paula Abdul embarass herself on national TV (again) I'm thinking she may need to move on. She should probably let this be her last season.

If I were Jason I'd be pissed like, "Oh she's trying to diss me before I even get to the other song?." Silly self. LOL


  1. Paula is starting to remind me of that girl in school who thought it was cute to act like a complete moron... you know, the one I would end up slapping the snot out of because they were making it hard for all of us to be taken seriously. She is definitely getting a bit long in the tooth to be acting like a brain-dead teenager. I figure her "act" is the result of a REALLY shallow gene pool or mass quantities of some really strong sheyat she is snortin' shootin' or chuggin'

  2. I think she's chuggin' but I would rule out the rest. I'm also thinking the gene pool may be a little guilty.

  3. When I was little, I wanted to be her or Janet Jackson.(Hey I was really feelin' that "Opposites Attract" video with the animated cat. And Janet was just the shit)
    Years later I am hoping I don't end up or dressing like either of them at their age.

  4. Oh my, didn't she have a Whitney Houston crack is whack moment. Paula needs to watch out, her substance of choice is showing. She almost made me think I was crazy because I only remembered one song. For a few seconds, I thought fatigue had made me delusional, but no it was Paula.

  5. In Paula's defense, I saw an E! special and it may be meds for her back pain.

    She makes many blunders and we're not surprised, but they are starting to cast a shadow. Straighten up and fly right girl!

    On another note, I admire her positive points when addressing a contestant. She really tries to give the good news first. And, that could be good knowing that Simon is next!


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