Old School Friday: The Time

OMG you all have no idea. Although I was young when this came out, this was my jam! What? You couldn't tell me nothing about The Time, Prince, Jesse Jackson... boy I shoulda been living in Minneapolis because I was feeling all of these Prince-produced groups & songs.

The Time: 777-9311

Also, this is my favorite Keith Sweat song... How Deep Is Your Love


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  1. Two great songs!

    I too was a big Prince fan, huge. My husband is even jealous.

    I played too.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. That whole Minneapolis thing made me too wish I could be there, soaking up all that music goodness...but I was cool with sitting back and dancing and swaying to whatever these dudes came up with...

  3. Really cool songs. What can I say, "PRINCE IS THE MAN!" I am a super duper Prince fan.

  4. When I saw the time I got scared, I was like "Oh No" she's going to play my song. The Time is probably Top 5 for me, and so that no one beats me to it, I'm playing my song next week.

    I just saw Keith Sweat and concert, and I forgot how many hit she had.

    I like both choices, and I'm glad to see another Time fan. I know you're a fan because you didn't choose The Bird or Jungle Love. I got something for you next week.

  5. Prince, The Time & Morris Day were doing their thing back then, but I tell you Keith Sweat (with his crying begging behind!) definately held it down in the late 80's early 90's!

  6. LOL The 80's were HOT boy... The Time, Prince, Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, and I'm not even getting into all the rap that was coming out. MrsGrapevine, I can't wait to see which time song you post next week. :o)

  7. Ihe Time AND Keith Sweat?!!! OMIGOD...got me cruising down memory lane. Great picks!!

  8. All I have to say is THHHHHHE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH.

    [[hugz to da post]]

  9. I saw The Time in concert at the Essence festival in '05 (or maybe '04). Anyway, the have so many hits you forget about. Thanks for this one.

  10. I just got my message about my reward. I don't see it, am I too late.

  11. How are you going to be late to pick up your own award?? LOL

    Get it here.


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