Old School Friday #8 : Wedding Song


  1. Stevie's songs are all good.

  2. Stevie!

    ::falls out::

    Ribbon in the Sky is a classic! Good one!

  3. Great picks. I love. love. love. Stevie Wonder.

  4. Great songs. It has been a long while since I heard Self Destruction.

    Have a great weekend.

    I played O.S.F. too with some dance music.

  5. Well Shae-Shae, you got it specifically right for me. That was the song that I walked down the isle to. While I sometimes wish I had turned the other way and ran out of the door, it was all so beautiful

    Great pick.

  6. I like both choices, and some people need Self-Destruction played at their wedding...

    Don't worry we will have a theme that will display our favorite socio-political songs.

    Do you remember the west coast version, of "We're All in the Same Gang."

  7. Yes, I do remember that WC version. That was real big because they were specifically calling a truce between gangs. I remember Ice Cube looking mean as usual. LOL

  8. My blog is called Songs In The Key of Life so you know ANY Stevie posted is alright with me! I had to name my Top 50 songs of all time and this was one of them. Perfect wedding song.

  9. I love Stevie Wonder and this is one of my favorite Stevie songs!
    Great Pick!

    BTEW - I remember that Self Destruction jam! It was great!


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