Ne-Yo Is Bored With R&B

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That's not necessarily a bad thing considering it means he'll be experimenting on his new CD. If "Closer" is an indication of his new sound it works for me because I am feeling that vibe.

I wanted the third album to be something a little different from the first and second as far as the essence and the sound of what I was doing. So I was going to chill for a minute and really take some time to figure out what I wanted that to be. Fortunately, it didn't take me that long, which is why the album's coming out now."

As Ne-Yo gears up to kick off a new tour tomorrow, in Hampton, Va., with Jordin Sparks & Alicia Keys, he also is working on two film projects and an animated series on the Cartoon Network.

Ne-Yo collabs with his Compound Entertainment crew (the HeavyWeights, Shay Taylor, Chuck Harmony), and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart as well as J.R. Rotem on this project.

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