Get Up On A Room

If you are were planning to vacation this year but gas prices, inflation and empty pockets are holding you back, don’t forget that you can sometimes ‘vacation’ in your own area.

Do you have an out-of-state friend who is always taking about how great your city is but you just don’t know why? It’s probably because you think you’ve ‘been there done that’. But how many times have you just gotten up on a room in the heart of your city and spent the day or weekend like a tourist? I've done it in Boston, but not here in Atlanta.

Therefore, I am planning to vacation right here in the A this year.

I’ve been here too long and haven’t seen nearly as many sights as I’ve said I’d go see, but I’m going to change that this summer.

Here’s a list of things on my “To Do/See” list:

  • The King Center (Don’t even cuss me out, I know I should have gone here first!)

  • The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation As a true Pac fan, I’m ashamed that I haven’t gone here sooner.. BUT… to my defense when I did try to go last year they wouldn’t pick up the phone & didn’t have the hours on the answering machine.. just like black folks. LOL

  • The Georgia Aquarium Now that all the hype has gone down I can probably go visit without giving up my first born!

  • Chastain Pak Amphitheater I hear there are lots of shows here so apparently I’m missing out on a lil’ some’n some’n.

  • The Fox Theater I want to go check out the historical Fox Theater… just ‘cause.

  • Coca Cola Tour OK, now I used to be a Pepsi fanatic until I gave up soda, but I do want to take the Coca Cola tour. What? You didn’t know I was a cool azz nerd in disguise? ;-)

  • Piedmont Park I have yet to visit Piedmont Park because of the atrocious traffic in Atlanta, I hardly go in that direction unless I plan to, or absolutely have to, but I’m going to add it to my list this year.

  • Zoo Atlanta LOL I have to say "I’m sorry" to several friends that have tried to get me out to this zoo, but whenever they ask it’s on the hottest day of the year and all I can think of is me passing out by some stank animal cage and getting dragged in. No thanks, I’ll go on my own time after I’ve checked the weather. LOL

  • The Atlanta Ballet This is the oldest professional dance company in America and I just have to see a show here.

  • Atlanta Motor Speedway Awww shucks now! This I gotta see. I like the noise, the crowd and the speed so I’ll have to check this out for real, for real.

OK, now some of these events/venues I won’t be able see over the summer because of the dates, but I plant to check out each place this year. There were others like the Battle of the Bands (always say I’m going and never made it), the Botanical Gardens, and the sports venues. But shoot.. times are hard and sister’s pockets can’t take all that right now.

But you’ll hear about it when I blog about it so, “Y’all come come back now ya’hear?”

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