E For Excellent Award

Opinionated Black Woman has deemed this blog worthy of the "E for Excellence Award!"

I must admit I'm always surprised when an award is passed my way because I blog for the fun of it. Trust and believe I know that there are lots of other things I could blog about: politics, activism, the plight of the African-American, etc. but sometimes I blog to escape and if I can take a couple of ya with me then I'm doing my job.

So, "I thank you" sincerely and greatfully share the love with the following:

  • Truths & Dares: I happened upon Lena's blog one day and have been hooked ever since. She tells her story and let's it all hang out. No holds barred at this blog so if you prefer things to be nice, neat and with a cheesy happy ending, don't get mad when you come back shell shocked 'cause I've warned ya.

  • RawDogBuffalo: I don't care that he says he's not doing anymore tags and/or memes. All he has to do here is accept his award. This blog is very insightful and if you are not up on your world issue, sports, politics and reading... don't go there and embarass yourself. Torrance is a well spoken, educated brotha with deep thoughts. I suggest you check him out.

  • SerenityLife: My sister, my sister... Jennifer is an impressive woman. She is also well versed, a traveler, and very passionate about her people. Be sure to check her out and tell her I sent you. You will not return the same. ;-)

  • Da Vinci's Blog Log: This blog will hook you up with the latest make up and beauty tips and also keep you abreast of your favorite TV shows.

Don't forget to spread the love people. :o)


  1. Awww thank you! I feel honored. See, I always knew that my inability to know when to stop talking would pay off some day, lol. I am glad that you enjoy it my blog as I do yours.

  2. @shae-shae - I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You know I adore you like sister blood. You are beyond excellent but a true trail blazer in everything you do.

    You have taught me so much about pop culture that I do miss on because as you can tell I am so wrapped up in my activism but I enjoy how you mix all your loves into your blog. You are definitely one of my favorite reads and I am honored for your wonderful thoughts about me for you know I feel thee same about you too!


    SerenityLife aka Jennifer 8 P


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