A Dollar Short & About A Decade Late...

Don Cornelius (isn't he about a hundred by now?) has hooked up with Warner Brothers Pictures to develop a buddy comedy that they're hoping spawn a series of movies.

"Soul Train: The Movie," is what the project will be called. It will revolve around two guys who are dancers on the show but who seem to get themselves into some sticky situations.
"'Soul Train' has always been about sexuality," Cornelius said. "It's almost never been about guys, and almost always about girls. It's what has kept us afloat for these three decades or so."
Don Cornelius, who says he's always wanted to do a movie - but was too busy with other things - will produce. He says there will be lots of music, lots of comedy and wee bit of violence (hmm... since when has Soul Train ever been synonymous with violence?)

So far there is no director and no cast attached with this project.

I'm going to have to wait for a bit more information before forming a full opinion on this. Right now it seems a bit late to be doing a "Soul Train" movie IMO.


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