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A friend of mine sent me this email today and I was definitely inspired by the message. I have no idea where it came from as it had a very long list of 'forwards' and she does not know where it originated either so... so much for giving credit.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you all so here it goes:


Change, Change, Change

Many years ago a friend shared a truth with me that I hope never to forget. She told me about a time in her life when a man
she was wild about suddenly ended their relationship leaving her devastated. She eventually recovered, of course, and
throughout all the time we have known her she has often quoted the wise words
of her departing lover—words that have served her well: Nothing is forever.

Some changes we initiate; others are imposed up on us as we pass through life’s many stages. Whether a change delights us or makes us struggle, it always ushers in a new beginning. It focus us to be engaged in life, to focus, to continually give birth to new ways of being and seeing so that we may fulfill our purpose: discovering our divinity and living in all the many rooms of our mansion.

Change calls us to open
ourselves to the unknown and, in so doing, develop greater faith, courage and wisdom. Life is for growing. Our mandate is the mandate for everything else
in creation: Grow or die.

Though change is the constant of life, a natural and important part of our being and necessary for regeneration and renewal, it is the most difficult of life’s processes to embrace. While we can orchestrate or at least guide the many transitions we will experience over time, change is the dynamic of life that we cannot avoid. But we shun change.

Sometimes we are willing to settle for a painful experience simply because it is familiar or we believe we cannot do—or do not deserve—any better. Just trying to avoid change, in fact, becomes the source of many of our problems and most of our unhappiness.

Many people are afraid of how the structural changes taking place in the economy will
affect them.

We fear of losing our jobs,
jobs made scarce by stockholders unrelenting demands for greater and greater profits, which induce corporations to heartlessly fire thousands of workers.

But we must keep reminding ourselves that we are not our jobs. We have jobs. We are so much more than the work
we do.

We are the offspring of God, creative beings in the image and likeness of the love that created us. God isn’t like us; rather,
we are Godlike. We can create a better, more fulfilling life anytime we choose.

We can increase our income. We can find work that is meaningful and financially rewarding. We can create our own businesses—if only we do not fear change, if only we believe in our innate creative ability and begin
doing the work.

No matter what predicament we face or what our race, gender or educational level is, we are all equal heirs to the gift of creativity.
Fear, which leads to doubt and procrastination, is the enemy that holds us back. Nothing anchors us to a painful situation except fear of change and lack of faith. Our challenge is to stop dwelling on the problems and look for the solutions.

Remember, God never closes
one door without opening another.

Get Quiet, sit still and listen inwardly. “Enter into thing inner chamber and shut the door.”
We don’t’ take quiet time to make things happen, but to gain an awareness of what is happening and where we just turn to find the newly opened doors. Tune your ear, trust God, then move your
fee. You will never be misled or disappointed. What makes the critical difference in our experience of the beauty and joy of living is how we embrace change and how willing we are to begin again.

-- Author Unknown (sorry folks!)


  1. Very insightful encouraging peace. Thanks for sharing this Shae-Shae.

  2. You're welcome. I printed it out & put it next to my monitor at work. ;o)

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love reading words of wisdom like this.


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