50 Flexes His Muscles

June 24th was to be the day for three big releases -- Nelly's Brass Knuckles, The Game's Los Angeles Times (LAX) and G-Unit's Terminate On Sight.

But, 50 Cent has decided to flex his power over Game as he says he'll most likely push Game's CD back in order to make room for G-Unit's group project.

Why? Because he can. 50 still has control over Game's project. (Damn... Game must be heated).
"I'mma wait a little, then I'm just gonna push his album back. I don't think there's anyone that would legitimately look at him like it's a competition, him versus G-Unit. But, I think it could potentially recreate what was created with East Coast-West Coast... that energy. You got people who would side with youjust before you're from the East Coast and side just because like 'Yo, I don't really rock with Game, but this the West homie.' You feel what I'm saying? It just doesn't make sense. I earn money every time he releases an album. He signed a five-album deal. He's only on album three."
"I Like the Way She Do It" and "Rider Pt. 2" will be the first two singles from the upcoming G-Unit CD. But before the release, there will be at least one more mixtape.

So, I guess Game has a bit of a wait before his project hits the streets.


  1. I feel bad for the Game. That is messed up. But, hey, business is business and beef is beef.

  2. I thought 50 was busy with his anti-Alicia campaign.

    Dave from WelcomeBackRosenthal

  3. Dave didn't you know? 50 has the time and energy to hate on everybody in the industry. :-\

  4. Lots of people do not like him but I think he's very smart and sexy. That is a nice picture of him.


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