Canceled! Prince To Perform In Ireland

If you are on of those fans that travel the world to see Prince, get your credit card ready, because Prince will be playing in Dublin at Croke Park on June 21st.

After a stellar display of sales - $20,000+ due to his innovative sales technique via a London Sunday newspaper and a brief 21 nights in London - the Purple One has decided to do a show in Ireland... something he has not done since November 2002.

Tickets are due to go on sale next week, March 5 at 8am, costing €66.50.



OK, so... just forget everything written above because the Dublin show has been canceled.

Reports say Prince (or his team) didn't give any reason for canceling the performance that was supposed to be held at Croke Park in Dublin, but promoters say the show was canceled for reasons beyond their control and Prince's as well.

On the same note, two performances in Paris and Milan were also canceled last month.

You know the man is 50 now. Maybe his lil behind is tired...

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