Michael Jackson: Before & After Thriller

As you may know by now, Michael Jackson will be on the December 2007 issue of Ebony Magazine. They are showcasing him 25 years after "Thriller".

I commend him on still trying to be out there after years of controversy and court cases, but I wish the man had stayed out of the plastic surgeon's office.

Here's Micheal Jackson before "Thriller"

Here's Micheal Jackson during "Thriller"

And here's Micheal Jackson 25 years after "Thriller"

Who's Bad??

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    why, why, why did he have to do it? it's almost as if he wasnt proud of his skin color. i dont know all his bro and sis's but i have not seen none of them who have done that to themselves yet at all or even nearly as bad to back in the days miceal jackson was nothing but cute or foine and talented, and so was his siblings, micael shouldnt have changed himself like that because now he is straigt up just a hot mess, from where he was kute, hes ugly now, i just hope his talent is still here!


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