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Camilla Al Fayed

Speaking of Prince... and no, I don't mean Prince William...

A few nights ago, the UK paparazzi reported that our Prince (49), showed up at Kabaret's Prophecy Club in Soho with the half-sister of Dodi Al Fayed - Camilla (21).

For those living under a rock, Dodi Al-Fayed is the man who died in the fatal car accident with Princess Diana.

Camilla, the socialite daughter of Harrods (the world's most famous department store) owner Mohammed Al-Fayed, is currently the talk of the town in London as she was recently invited to Diana's memorial service by Prince William, ending The Royal Family's feud with the Al-Fayeds.

Anyway... (to get back on topic), a party-goer mentioned Prince and Camilla, "Looked like they were really enjoying themselves but were forced to leave 50 minutes later when Prince was mobbed by fans."

Prince had been spotted earlier in the evening trying to avoid photographers as he explored the town with a large umbrella. He was seen club hoping from Mo*vida (probably in Harrods' Lounge) to Chinawhite before ending up at Kabaret's Prophecy.

Well, if Miss Camilla is she's hanging out with Prince, I'm sure we'll be hearing even more of her name very soon. She actually reminds me of a young Kristin Scott Thomas, I wonder if Prince saw that too...


  1. waow!welcoming this fresh al fayed;PRINCE again!

  2. dirtybasturd9:08 AM

    Too bad she won't stick around long once she finds out he has a 3" mini-Prince...


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