Where Is The Justice For The Jena 6?

Imagine being a high school student facing up to 100 years in prison for a schoolyard fight.

In September of 2006, a group of African American students in Jena, LA asked their school for permission to sit under a tree that had been unofficially "for whites only" for decades. The school told them they didn't care where they sat.

The next day, three nooses were hanging from the tree in school colors and the school chalked it up to a harmless prank. The boys responsible for hanging the nooses were suspended for just a few days.

Fights began breaking out at the school until the District Attorney, Reed Walters, was called in to address the African American students who ended up telling them all he could, "end their life with a stroke of the pen."

Jena's African American population was furious.

Racial tensions flared in the city of Jena. Black students were assaulted at white parties. A white man pulled a loaded rifle on three black teens at a convenience store... luckily, the gun was wrestled it from the man and the student ran away. Someone even tried to burn down the school.

Tensions finally erupted on December 4th, a fight broke out in the schoolyard. A white student suffered a concussion and multiple bruises from the fight, but doctors reported no serious or long-term injuries.

Six black students involved in the fight were subsequently charged with attempted murder and conspiracy. The District Attorney, (the same one who said he could end the African American student's lives with the stroke of a pen), pushed for maximum charges carrying sentences of eighty years.

These students now face up to 100 years in prison without parole. Four of the six are being charged as adults.

Blog For Justice today. Please take a moment to address this issue to your readers. These six students have had their civil rights violated. They have been going to school in a hostile environment stemming from sitting under a "whites only" tree.

In the year of 2007, African American students in the South are still being subjected to severe racism and an all out witch hunt.

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"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."
-Alexander Hamilton

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