Sneak Peak: Nas' Upcoming MTV Reality Show

In a recent interview, Nas mentioned that he is having second thoughts about exposing himself to the world in a new reality show of him & wife Kelis.

"Sometimes I feel like this is cool man, I have TV cameras following me wherever I go. Other times I want to crawl under a rock. I feel like an idiot! Did I really agree to this? It feels so self-absored, so self-indulgent."

Umm... that's 'cause it is self-indulgent Nas.

A sneak peak of "Mr. & Mrs. Jones" hit YouTube via

But don't get too excited, seems like this show may have gotten the boot before all the smoke & mirrors could clear. Woo woo woo!

(PS- Yes, I know I'm extremely late with this information, but there are others out there who had no idea either... so I don't wanna hear it.) ;o)

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