Random Blogging

Why do people get so bent out of shape when you 'random blog?'

Yes, my blog contains entertainment, and news, and rambling, and rants and whatever else I want to talk about. You'd think the earth had fallen off it's axis... I received a couple of messages with people wondering, "What exactly is your blog about?"

So let me break it down: It's about whatever the heck I feel like writing. I am interested in entertainment, current events, broadcast news, some sports, fashion, crazy criminals, weird news stories, music, television, plays and whole host of other things. So why should I have to pick one?

Are there really people out there who can't focus on more than one topic? If I were blogging for money then I'd have a blog per topic, but I'm not. I'm blogging because I know there have to be other folks out there that just watch TV, or the news or listen to the radio and think, "WTH?" Just like I do. So I'm blogging for us.

Hope that clears it all up. (salute)


  1. People amaze me. I posted two posts a week or two ago that had people sending me crazy e-mails.

    I posted a response that was somewhat similar although yours is much nicer than mine. :)

    Yours is one of the few blogs I've found recently that I like! I enjoy all your posts, that and I love the Michael Vick cartoon...lol.

  2. Aww thanks. Girl, don't let them tell you what to put on your blog. I love your blog the way YOU blog it. If they have issues, let them counter-blog. LOL


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