Little Kim Stopped By NYPD With No License Plates - What's Wrong With This Picture?

Lil' Kim causes a stir in New York when she was stopped by police for driving a Lamborghini without license plates.

She was pulled over by police on the evening of August 30 as she was entering a gas station. Authorities would also discover the Brooklyn bred rapper did not have her drivers license.

The Lamborghini was registered, but it was a temporary out-of-state registration. Eventually Kim's lawyer, Bernie Jackson, showed up to drive Kim and the vehicle away.

During the stop, Kim interacted with fans and signed autographs. (LOL true Diva)

There is no information at the time if Kim was given a ticker for not having plates or her license... but I'm thinking that's a no-brainer.

Last year, 50 Cent was stopped by NYPD and arrested for allegedly driving erratically in his Lamborghini.

He was issued four traffic tickets for making an unsafe lane change, having no plates, driving without insurance, and having an expired license.

* * *

Now haven't I mentioned before that people sometimes bring things on themselves & then want to complain? Why would you drive around with no plates on your car knowing you just dragged your little behind out of jail? Especially in New York where it's a known fact that the NYPD target rappers... that's just asking for trouble.

And 50 Cent driving around with no plates, no insurance, an expired license AND driving crazy just gets him into the "D.A.R.N. News" (Dumb A-- Rapper News).

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