DMX Déjà Vu... Police Sieze Dogs From DMX's Home (Again)

Here we go again, Sheriff's deputies raid the home of rapper DMX last Friday, seizing several pit bulls and finding the remains of three other dogs but made no arrests.

Someone tipped off the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office more than a week ago about the inhumane conditions the dogs were being kept in at DMX's Phoenix-area home.

Police went to the home to check things out and contacted one of DMX's lawyers. They notified him that the conditions for the animals at the property needed to be improved legal actions would be taken.

The dogs were not even being fed or given water.

Authorities came back to the house on Friday to conduct the raid.

Lawyers for DMX say he hasn't been in Arizona for at least two months and was "extremely disturbed" to hear his dogs weren't being cared for properly.

"We had a caretaker that wasn't taking care, that's what happened," the lawyer said. "He loves dogs he loves these animals. Those dogs are practically his family."

A search warrant was served on the property on Friday. 12 pit bulls which were tied up on the property at that time were taken to an old jail that has been converted into an animal shelter.

When deputies dug up the back yard, they found buried dogs. One had apparently been burned and the cause of death on the others was unknown because the bodies were decomposed.

A variety of firearms were also found and additional search warrants are being issued so they can check the weapons to determine if they are legal.

So, I'm thinking DMX will be heading back to jail pretty soon?

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