Denise Williams Takes A Bad Fall Offstage

Singer Denise Williams about to perform at the annual Sunset Junction Street Fair in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, as she was making her entrance she mistakenly stepped off the stage ... and fell to the concrete six feet below.

"I was the first act to go on in the dark," she recounted. "They announced me and I went out. And just seeing the faces of some people, I decided to take a step closer and the next thing I knew I was on the concrete in the pit with people telling me to wake up. I didn't feel myself fall, I never saw it coming. One minute I was on stage and the next minute I was on the ground."

A silence fell upon the concert goers as they wondered if Denise was OK.

The band began to play as Denise's son Forest picked up the mic and started singing, "I Need You Now," and asked the fans to pray for his mother, while they worked to revive her.

She said that when she did come to, she felt the pain in her ankle, but was more concerned about finishing her set and asked for a microphone to perform the song with her son.

"I think I was out for less than a minute. It was long enough for my sons to be shouting at me. I told them, 'I didn’t pass out.' And they said, 'Yes you did.' My oldest son was very, very broken up."

Only a true performer would even think of something like that as they wake up on the cold ground. The divas these days would have cancelled the next six shows. By the way, she did actually perform just a little that night because she was concerened about the fans getting the show they came for. KUDOS to Denise Williams for being a class act.

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