Celeb Reality Gets "Trumped" Again

No one can ever say that Donald Trump is not a savvy business man. Even if you don't like his style, you have to admit, the man knows how to grab your attention.

The Donald is back with another version of "The Apprentice." This time he's bringing some big time celebrity train wrecks with him. "Celebrity Apprentice" has nabbed Kimora Lee Simmons, Jim Cramer, Carmen Electra, Joan Rivers, Naomi Judd, Pete Rose, Dana Patrick, Tony Hawk, Jeff Gordon, former heavyweight boxing champion, George Foreman, and is bringing back the woman we a all love to hate - Omarosa.

Why they continue to address that nut case as a celebrity, I have no idea. The stars will compete each week to raise money for various charities.

But the coup de grâce for the show will come in the form of these three possible invites: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, two of which Donald describes as, "A f***ing mess."

"We're negotiating with Britney right now. Can you imagine her doing it?" Trump said. "We're not sure what will happen. She's a f***ing mess. And that little reality show she had did nothing. But she likes the idea of being on television and I think she'd be great."

Recently released Paris Hilton, he says, "wants to be on, and we're thinking about it, but I don't know if we're going to do it."

As for Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in rehab, Trump says: "Another f***ing mess. We haven't asked her yet, but I'm going to call her this week. It would a positive thing for her to do...for all of them."

Earlier reports stated that Donald invited arch-enemy Rosie O’Donnell to join the to which she responded with the quote: "It will not happen in this lifetime, or beyond."

But Donald denies inviting her. However, he was quoted saying, "It’s a good idea … because I would fire her fat a**. She would definitely not last more than one show … I would love to fire Rosie, but I don’t want her on the show."


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