And The Band Is...

Robert, Willie, Quarnell, Brian and Biiiiiiig Miiiiike!!

Diddy decided at the last minute to make a five man group. I called that a few weeks back when they kept saying that he'd pick just four like B2K, Jagged Edge and 112. I knew he'd try to "do the unexpected." Plus, I got the feeling if he had Danity Kane on-stage with the guys, they'd need an extra man.

He then went on to make Donnie a solo artist on Bad Boy Records.

This season of MTB was a bit more interesting than the last. Only because after two seasons of MTB3, the last part of that season seemed like they were rushed & that particular season (when they went to New Orleans with Dawn) was slapped together quickly.

You have to admit though, Diddy's metrosexual, highly self-indulgent behind knows how to most definitely give good TV.

Personally, my band would have been Robet, Willie, Brian, D'Angelo and the other Brian or Mike were a tie. So I guess I got most of my band.

Now keep ya ear to the street and let's see what these dudes have in store for us.

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