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Celebrating Prince: Day 21 Sometimes it Snows in April

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Celebrating Price: Day 16 Anna Stesia

"Anna Stesia" is a very clever song off the Lovesexy album.

I've always imagined "Anna Stesia" as a woman who was like a potent drug that he couldn't get enough of; as if she controlled all of his senses and his very essence. The play on words of course explains the drug anesthesia, which controls your heart rate, your breathing, and eventually calms you.

I guess it can be explained the same way that love feels at times, like you can’t breathe or even exist without the one you love.

This track is another one of Prince's songs that toes the line of spirituality and sexuality. If you are not comfortable with one or the other, it can leave the listener feeling uncomfortable with the pairing. The song was included at the end of the first half of the "Lovesexy Tour."  It was strategically placed as if it were a precursor to the second act featuring less dark and more positive songs.

This track also fueled the rumors surrounding Prince's sexual…

Celebrating Prince: Day 15 Bonus Track - Joy in Repetition

The 1990 release of Graffiti Bridge was not received as well received as it's predecessors Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon. As an alleged sequel to Purple Rain, some people seemed to get lost in the message (and likely Prince's drastic appearance change) of this movie.

However, the soundtrack did hold a few gems that I enjoyed. "The Question Of U," "Joy in Repetition," "Thieves in the Temple," and "Melody Cool" are my favorite tracks off this album. Track eight, "Joy in Repetition," is my focus today.

This song is sung in a slow, low register that allows listeners to soak in the richness and deliciousness of Prince's voice. It's just so smooth, jazzy, and addictive. I've always sat in awe of his speaking voice and in amazement of his higher register. The man can hit scales for days.

Also, Prince completely slays the guitar on this song. Don't get me wrong, he pretty much slays the guitar on all of his s…

Celebrating Prince: Day 15 Darling Nikki

Taking a trip back to 1984, "Darling Nikki" is a track that we shall not forget. I recall listening to this song in my room with giant noise cancelling headphones plugged into my stereo with the Home Alone look on my face.

I don't know why I was shocked since Prince had already released several sexual, if not raunchy, songs prior to this one. I mean the man did have an album titled Dirty Minds. 

I guess it was the shock of hearing it on the radio. Apparently back then you could get away with so much more than you can now. I guess the FCC cracked down hard because man, they seemed to play just about any of his songs in full-length and uncensored.

As you now, "Darling Nikki" was released in 1984 as the fifth track off the Purple Rain album. It's a song that we would now say is NSFW and one that we did not play in front of parents back then.

People have dissected this song for years. Initially, I'd heard that Nikki was about a prostitute that Prince met f…

Celebrating Prince: Day 14 Erotic City

All of my purple life
I've been looking for a dame
That would want to be my wife
That was my intention, babe I remember when I would buy anything that had Prince's name on it of GP (general purpose). I never really regretted it either. I purchased albums and singles like they were going out of style. That's how I ended up with the "Erotic City" 12" single on the B-side of "Let's Go Crazy" in the racks of my local record store.
If we cannot make babies, maybe we can make some time
Thoughts of pretty you and me, Erotic City come alive
We can fuck until the dawn, making love 'til cherry's gone
Erotic City can't you see, thoughts of pretty you and me "Erotic City" was the official club banger and was included in just about every club mix on the radio. I used to go to the 18 and under clubs and when this song came on, we went crazy, just like the B-side.
Every time I comb my hair
Thoughts of you get in my eyes
You're a sinner, I don&…

Prince Celebration: Day 13 If I Was Your Girlfriend

"If I Was Your Girlfriend," was released in 1987 on the Sign 'O' the Times album.

This song brings back sooo many memories! I remember singing this to an old high school boyfriend and having him say, "What do you mean if you were my girlfriend? You are my girlfriend." It's silly now, but it was cute and flirty then.

The moment the first two notes are played, this song has always brought a smile to my face. "If I Was Your Girlfriend," was such a different type of track for the 80s. Prince flirted with gender-neutrality and until that point, I hadn't seen or heard anything like it.

The track is in the first and second person narrative that worked so well in a way that only he could make it work. A man with an alter ego that is a woman (Camille) singing as a man who wanted to be a woman so that he could get closer to his girlfriend to get to know her better and to share her inner thoughts. Think "If I Were A Boy," by Beyonce,…

Celebrating Prince: Day 12 Delirious

Have you ever heard a song and you hated, then suddenly you didn't hate it quite so much anymore?

It's funny because when I first heard this song, I did not like it at all. Couldn't stand it actually. It is no secret that Prince drew creative inspiration from various performers before him. It is no secret that he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and more. But not many know that Prince also drew inspiration from Elvis Presley.

I was never a fan of Elvis Presley, and I knew instantly that this was an ode to Elvis. I knew that Prince was a music connoisseur, but bleh, I could not get over this track.

However, with a lack of technology and no ability to just skip past the track like we can now, the more I heard it, the more I began to enjoy the song. Plus, all that hip thrusting and twisting during performances may have helped just a bit.

Because of all of this, "Delirious" makes the list, despite my earlier reservations upon first heari…