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Quickies 5/23/17

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Season 7 Will Be Scandal's Last

Shonda Rhimes announced that Season 7 will be the end of Scandal. What? No more gladiators in suits? No more salacious sex in the White House, or more heinous crimes on behalf of Daddy Pope, Mama Pope, or B613? What will we do without the slanderous ramblings of Sally Langston, or Mellie's famous meltdowns after sucking down a jar of her hommade hooch?

I don't know what I'll do without Huck's crazy ass or Quinn's butchery. Where will we ever find another television personality with Olivia's fashion sense? I live for her jackets and suits! And what about Cyrus Beene? Are we really going to leave a mass murderer in the White House? I have so many questions and so little time! Oh Lord, I think I need to write Shonda a letter.

Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes:
Dear Shonda,

Please wrap Scandal up tight like a lambskin Trojan in Season 7. Don't hang us out to dry like so many other shows have with half-ass finishes and unanswered questions. I know you're like…

Drake Sweeps Billboard Awards

Drake steals the show as he takes home several awards at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Drake became the singing biggest Billboard Award winner, amassing an astonishing 13 awards and sweeping the competition into submission. I'm not sure why anyone else bothered to show up. It was clearly the 2017 Drake Music Awards.
Here are the winning categories:
Top Male Artist Artist of the Year Top Rap Artist Top Billboard 200 Album Top Hot 100 Artist Top Rap Album Top Billboard 200 Artist Top R&B Song Top Streaming Artist Top Streaming Song (Audio) Top Song Sales Artist Top Rap Tour Top R&B Collaboration If people are wondering how he snagged so many awards this year, maybe it's because he's been in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart since 2009. Big up to The Boy that's a bad one there.

You gotta love his enthusiastic acceptance speech lol:

Check out his "Gyalchester" performance inside the Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains.

Quickies: 5/15/17

According to the rumor mill, Shonda Rhimes is planning to give Scandal the boot. I can't say that I'm surprised. Scandal used to be exciting and even jaw dropping at times. Now it's like a filler show between Grey's Anatomy and whatever NBC throws on next (let's face it, they like to play with the 10pm slot). I wish the actors all the best and I hope they find a good replacement for my once favorite show.

HBCU Bethune-Cookman University has ticked off their graduating class, student body, and alumni by inviting the Donkey of the Day, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, to deliver the commencement speech. The university refused to dis-invite DeVos causing protests, open letters, a petition drive, and requests for the university's president, Edison O. Jackson, to resign. Unfortunately, DeVos did follow through with the commencement ceremony, but was met with jeers and turned backs. Jackson threatened he'd send the student's diplomas by mail if they con…

Still Fly: Missy Elliott on the cover of Elle

Elle features Missy Elliott on the cover of of it's June 2017 issue. Missy looks gorgeous in bold Jennifer Fisher gold earrings, a Marc Jacob's tracksuit from his Fall 2017 collection, and a neutral wool bucket hat by Stephen Jones Millnery.

I LOVE the look below. Those shades are fire, I love the metallic blue lipstick, those earrings are lit, and even the fur hat works. Missy is serving up face and giving 2017 some new life while showing folks that the old school artists can still bring it. Love it!

Paris Jackson: The Face of Calvin Klein, Actress

Paris Jackson, determined to make it in Hollywood without the help of her Jackson family relatives, has landed a movie deal and a modeling career at the age of 19. According to Paris, the only help she is receiving from the family is from her older brother Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., also known as Prince.

MJ, Jr. steered his sister toward being a model rather than a singer as their aunt La Toya suggested for a while. MJ, Jr. knew that people would compare her to their late father, Michael Jackson, so he set her sights on being not just a model, but a supermodel.

Ms. Jackson is certainly heading in the right direction. Earlier this month, Jackson snagged a seven-figure deal to be the new face of Calvin Klein. She also landed a role in an untitled comedic thriller in a upcoming Nash Edgerton film. The 19-year-old will be making her film debut opposite Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron.

Well, it appears that MJ, Jr. was right about his little sister. I hope she thanked her big bro for t…

New Music by Ne-Yo: Earn Your Love

Ne-Yo has released a mellow, mid-tempo song entitled, "Earn Your Love". 
The singer, song writer, producer, and actor, is schooling the ladies on to and what not to do. The R&B crooner says that women shouldn't just give their love away, they should tease him, make him work for it, and earn their love.

But don't get happy, it's much too late to grab the married father of two.